Bulk Materials Physical Verification

The term Physical Verification of Bulk Material refers to the process of checking, counting, measuring, weighing all the items. The main aim of bulk material verification is to determine which items are missing and how much loss is incurred. Bulk materials physical verification is necessary for the following reason:

  • To check the value of stock shown in the balance sheet through physical verification.
  • To verify the accuracy of the record.
  • To disclose the possibility of fraud, theft or loss, or deterioration.
  • To reveal the weakness of the system, if any (i.e., whether the stock is in safe custody).
  •  We work on coal for insurance purposes

Abhay Tembhurne Consulting Engineering Services is the leading organization based in Nagpur, India providing physical verification of bulk materials services with the use of cutting-edge technology of Engineering to Government, Semi-Government, Private organizations, and corporate sectors effectively in the following domain:

  1. Physical Verification of the Bulk Materials in Cement Plant & Power Plant
  2. Volumetric Measurement of the Materials in Aggregate Plant
  3. Stock Volume Measurement
  4. Physical Verification of the Land

We carried out stock measurement by Electronics Total Station 1 sec. Instrument.

We take the volumetric measurement both before & after unloading the wagons and the computation of volume separately, before & after unloading the wagons for more accuracy.

  1. Volumetric Measurements before unloading the wagons – We record the top surface of the material in the wagon, by taking points very nearer to each other and derive the 3D top surface of the material as much as actual. After unloading the wagon, we take the measurements of the empty wagon by the instrument as well as manual and computation of volume.
  2. Volumetric Measurements after unloading the wagons – We record the top surface of the ground, where we stock the material (before stocking) by taking points very nearer to each other and derive the 3D top surface of the original ground level. After stocking the material on the same surface, then also record the top surface of the stock material and computation of volume.

Density calculation is done using box methods; we follow Indian standards. Different components have different Indian standards accordingly we compute density. Likewise, we also calculate tonnage calculation.
Tank Calibration Services: Here also we use the Total Station Method or Strapping Method to calibrate the tanks. Our services include calibration of vertical/ horizontal with elliptical and flat end tanks of edible oil, chemical cargo, etc

Process Involving –

  1. One Engineer expert – For Computation of Volume form Instrument data and Bulk Density & Moisture Contain & preparation of the report.
  2. One Survey Team – Consist of One Total Station with accessories, One Surveyor / Team Leader, and three Assistance Surveyors.
  3. Submission of Report – Computation of Volumetric Measurement, Bulk Density, Moisture Contain, and Certificate of Weight, submitting will be in soft as well as hard format. Site Plan, Contour Plan & Cross Section of the Stock will be submitting in soft format only.
  4. Duration for submission of Report – Report will be submitting after unloading of the Rack within two workings days.

Our Services:

  • Our stockpile measurements tools and methods are highly advanced
  • Offer precise measurements
  • Transparent evaluation of the inventory for clients
  • Accurate financial reports
  • Calculates exact GST or excise duty
  • Administer stock
  • Plan purchases accurately
  • Minimize discrepancies arising at various stages of operation
  • Clarity on stock status
  • Eases forecast, borrow, and plan inventory of starting large projects
  • Help to comply with clients’ national and other regulatory requirements
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