Land Surveyors in Nagpur, India

Land surveying is the field that consists of an array of services under one umbrella. The services under land survey are Topographic Survey, Contour Survey, Boundary Survey, OFC Cable Route Survey, DGPS Survey, Pipeline route Survey, Transmission line route Survey, Road Survey, Canal Survey, Irrigation Survey, Setting out & Operations, True North Alignment, GTS Shifting, Bridge alignment & setting out, Layout preparation, Earthwork Quantity Survey. As it is part of a large project land surveying requires a high degree of accuracy. ABHAY TEMBHURNE– “Consulting Engineering Services” land surveyors in Nagpur is an ISO-9001:2008 certified technical service provider of land surveying in Nagpur, India.

We are 20 years old professional Land Surveyors in Nagpur, India providing Complete Geospatial solutions to our clients with Land Surveying, Mapping & GIS requirements. We use the ‘state of the art’ advanced cutting-edge technology of Engineering. We offer our cost-effective quality services to Government, Semi-Government, Private Organizations & Corporate all over the globe, with high speed and best-in-class accuracy.


A topographic survey is simply the recording of coordinates and height data for a particular survey area. This data can be used to create spot height maps, contour maps, or more complex terrain models of the surveyed area. Surveying is the art and science of measurement of points on, above, or under the surface of the Earth. Topographic maps show the natural and cultural features of a piece of land. The natural features include configuration (relief), hydrography, and vegetation. The cultural features include roads, buildings, bridges, political boundaries, and the sectional breakdown of the land. Topographic maps are used by a wide variety of people, such as engineers designing a new road; backpackers finding their way into remote areas; scientists describing soil or vegetation types, wildlife habitat, or hydrology; and military personnel planning field operations.


We have a specialized team to identify any kind of difference in the elevation of the existing ground. Contour survey services are customized services as it depends on the customer requirement. The main work starts for the design team which starts work on the “proposed ground profile”. Later on, we design the drains for the proposed site(Industrial building, roads, etc.)

The computation works start now for cutting and filling for the analysis of the ground profile and finally levelling which gives the accuracy in the work.


In response to many requests for advice on Boundary Disputes Resolution Service we have compiled a set of guidelines but ultimately if the case is unresolved, due to the complexity of the law, you will need to contact a specialist lawyer. First and foremost, with any boundary dispute, you need to establish the facts before discussing these with a neighbor to try and resolve the issue amicably or before taking the matter further with legal action. We mainly deal in Maharashtra.


We have in-depth experience in offering Road Survey Services as per the international quality norms. Our skilled professionals enable us in executing this service promptly through extensive research and detailed analysis. The data collected is delivered to clients in form of hard copy or a CD format


We are a leading organization providing Canal Survey-related services to our esteemed clients. We have a team of skilled professionals having in-depth knowledge and experience in canal surveying and associated engineering works. We use cutting-edge technology and advanced tools & equipment to provide reliable and high-quality service.


With the increase in the traffic and the requirements of additional lanes of roads & rails, there has been a tremendous increase in the demand for flyovers from the past few years. The surveys for these usually require precise detailing since most of them are with complex shapes and geometry.

We are the pioneer to provide bridge alignment & setting out services to our esteemed clients.


Pipe Line Route Survey can be defined as the method of surveying a given land before a pipeline is laid to determine the position, depth, and length of a pipeline running through that area. This can be done using geotechnical survey methods, GPS, and other such methods. It is crucial to carry out pipeline surveys to prevent cross-boring and other related accidents while installing new pipelines.

Water pipes, sewer pipes, phone cables, TV cables, gas pipes, fuel pipes, etc. are just some of the utility lines that run underneath a city. Carrying out the installation without prior knowledge of the location of these lines can cause damage and is a safety hazard.


We are one of the most distinguished names in the industry for providing our clients with the best and suitable services of Transmission Line Survey Work. Backed by years of experience, we are offering a highly reliable Transmission Line Survey to our valued clients. With the help of our diligent workforce, we meticulously examine the accessibility of the location and other associated amenities. Apart from this, we make use of highly sophisticated land survey instruments and other material testing equipment for the Transmission Line Survey.

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