Valuation of property in Nagpur, India

Valuation is a broad concept that means knowing the value of a property. Valuation of property is not only the requirement of an organization/ business but it is also required by an individual. Abhay Tembhurne Consulting Engineering Services offers the valuation of property in Nagpur which includes a valuation of land and building, plant & machinery, residential flats, commercial offices/shops, factory building which involves market survey, site visit and thereby preparing the final report which helps in knowing the fair market value of a property.

The Service includes:

  • Valuation of the Land & Building for Loan from Financial Institute
  • Valuation of the Land & Building for Capital Gain & Income Tax Purposes
  • Valuation of the Land & Structure for Insurance Purposes
  • The present market value of the property


The main objective of valuation is the assessment of the market value of movable & immovable property. For fiscal purposes it is required for stamp duty, rating, income tax, central excise duty, wealth tax, gift tax, and for non-fiscal purposes like Insurance, land acquisition, merger, amalgamation, disinvestment, loan, auction, mortgage, security for overseas education, take over, etc.

Who should Avail

Property Investors, Financial Institutions, Developers, Property Owner, Income Tax Department, Chartered Accountant, Lawyer, Municipal Authorities, Government Authorities, etc.

Valuation of Immovable Property – Land & Building

The valuation covers the real estate property like Open Land, Business Establishment, Land under construction, Corporate Offices, Factories, Stud Farms, Malls, Amusement Park, New/Old property like Flats/Bungalows and many more.

Valuation of Movable Property –

  • Plant & Machinery: Our approach to doing valuation of Plant & Machinery is based on inspecting the asset register of the clients, calculating residual effective life, analyzing market evidence, and thereby providing fair market value for both standard and specialized assets. The clients we served are Petrochemical, Automobile, Petroleum, Pharmaceutical, Textile, Engineering & many more.
  • Automobile: We provide valuation services of Automobiles based on a detailed inspection of the automobiles. The clients we served are Individuals, Financial Institutions, Corporate and many more.

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